Concorde Alliance Programme (CAP) - Global Co-Operative Movement of Security Agencies & Security Service Providers


Security agencies & Security Service providers are often challenged to recruit and retain security officers for the unpopular night shift, weekends and public holidays. Concorde Security Pte Ltd is pleased to embark on a co-operative solution to help you overcome these challenges through the deployment of the state-of-the-art technology termed "IFS" (I-Man Facility Sprinter).

The Concorde Alliance Program (CAP) enables partners to be part of a supportive platform based on shared-resources to better serve the clients. As a CAP partner, Concorde Security collaborates to bring innovative and cost-effective solutions to the security agencies and security service providers for your clients.


  1. Use of licensed Concorde patented security solutions to augment and blend with current security agencies and security service providers current business model;
  2. Enhance the Security Agencies and security service providers reputation and branding by leveraging on Concorde Security Pte Ltd multiple awards and a state-of-the-art technology company to do joint marketing;
  3. Enjoy commissions for the payment of IFS by the Account (s) as follows:
      a.  Sharing of monthly IFS service fee and I-Guarding solution provided to clients
      b.  A one off commission for the IFS infrastructure set up cost for I-Guarding solution. It is payable after full payment received from client.
  4. Eligible to be part of the Concorde Alliance Programme, an alliance of like-minded industry practitioners to speed up the pace of technology adoption and upgrade the professionalism and competency in the security and facilities industries; and
  5. Enable the security agencies and security service providers to overcome the challenge of increasing costs when MOM removes the “Overtime Exemption" for Security Officers on 1 Jan 2021 as announced.


  1. This global movement is to assist security agencies & security service providers that are facing difficulties with limited resources, hiring of security guards, intense competition and shrinking market share.
  2. The objectives are as follows;
    1. Combine resources and use of world-class licensed Concorde security management technology to augment and blend with security agencies’ current business model
    2. Improve and enhance the security manning productivity, especially at night when man guards are difficult to recruit and retain
    3. Joint marketing promotion to enhance both Concorde and the licensees’ reputation and branding
    4. Sharing of guards amongst the licensees and Concorde to "hunt as a pack" for new opportunities
    5. Upskill the manpower towards higher level of expertise to attract better candidates to our industry
    6. Upgrade the professionalism and competency of the security management industry

Requirement of Licensing

  1. Concorde will be responsible for the operation for security operations using IFS, I-Guarding solution;
  2. Licensee shall introduce any project account ("end user") to Concorde for its IFS, I-Guarding solution; and
  3. Licensee shall pay Concorde monthly Licensee or Subscription fee.
  4. Master Licensing is available for overseas to be approved by Concorde Security Pte Ltd.
  5. All licensees must cite "IFS, I-Guarding™ Solution provided by Concorde Security Pte Ltd" in their marketing collaterals.

Terms and Conditions

  1. This licensing (Subscription model) is subject to the terms and conditions of the Licensing Agreement. The Licensing Agreement is a binding document between the licensee and Concorde Security Pte Ltd. The Parties i.e. Licensee and Concorde Security Pte Ltd are separate and independent entities. Except as may be expressly and unambiguously provided in the licensing agreement, no partnership or joint venture is intended to be created by this licensing agreement, nor any principal-agent or employer-employee relationship.
  1. All payments for installation and subscription fee shall be made directly to Concorde Security Pte Ltd.
  1. License is granted by Concorde within Singapore on a non-exclusive basis, outside of Singapore the usage of the License would result in infringement leading to termination of licensing without any compensation or reference make to Licensee.
  1. Licensee is not allow to recruit, appoint sub-licensee or agents unless approved by Concorde Security Pte Ltd. Master Licensing arrangement is available for overseas subject to approval by Concorde Security Pte Ltd.
  1. Licensee agrees not to copy, reproduce, record in any forms or infringe upon Concorde’s know-how, business model, patents and intellectual properties during the currency of this licensing agreement and for a period of one year after the date of termination of the licensing agreement.
  1. The licensing agreement will be interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws in the Republic of Singapore. The courts of Singapore have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Agreement.


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