SINGAPORE, 3 Oct 2018 – Underlining the importance of a global shift from manned-guarding security services to technology-enabled security services, Executive Director of Concorde Security, Alan Chua has described the Concorde-led international I-Guarding Global Alliance (IGA) as a “big ray of hope for the transformation of the security industry in Singapore and abroad”. “The security

Infocomm Commerce Conference

As one of the convention speakers, Mr Alan Chua delivered his speech at the conference on “Disrupting the Manned Guarding Industry – The Concorde Way”. His speech was about disrupting the traditional security industry by leveraging on advance technology to address various manpower problems that the industry currently facing. Alan is the inventor of 3
Outline: We are pleased to announce that the story written by Singapore Management University on how Alan Chua and Concorde Security’s IFS Smart Security Solution is disrupting the Security Industry in Singapore has been captured in an article published by Harvard Business Publishing to use as a case study in understanding resilience theory, disruptive innovation,

SME BIZ-Innovation Summit 2018

Singapore – Two of the key management of Concorde Security spoke as panelists during the SME – BIZ Innovation Summit. This summit was initiated to encourage SME to do more innovation on their respective sectors.  Moreover, Singapore government is also boosting its support for the SME to maximize their efforts for new disruptive innovations. Concorde
  Mr Chow Siew Chong, Vice- Preseident of Concorde Security Pte Ltd represented and received the plague of recognition for the company during the Learning Enterprise Alliance (LEA) 2018 Summit. This was in partnership with Institute for Adult Learning of Singapore.
Singapore Food Manufacturing Association (SFMA) partnered with Concorde Security to showcase the I-Man Facility Sprinter (IFS) as a solution for Future of Security at one of its member, Thong Siek Food Industry, which has recently adopted the IFS solution.  Multiple buildings can share resources with a IFS command center and a response team and as
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